Wedding in Provence

Provence – France

Like in a fairy tale: Once upon a time in Provence.
Once upon a time in a faraway land there was an angelic girl with hair like the sun and the purest smile her prince had ever seen. She loved to travel, discover the world, collect experiences and moments with her husband. Her name defined by the sky, Celeste. Among many dreams she had dreamed, one was visiting Provenza during the lavender bloom, on a romantic journey with her prince, Matteo. Last July, her dream turned into a splendid elopement, between the scent of lavender flowers floating through the sweet air and the warmth of the summer sun kissing their skin. Nestled deep in the woods of southern France hid small and delightful cottage became the setting for a romantic awakening. An old vinyl plays an old classic, as the boys prepare to arrive the Plateau de Valensole. The short and intimate ceremony took place as the sun set, colors flushing around them; an engulfing moment of love for Matteo and Celeste who renewed their promises of love to celebrate their tenth anniversary together.

This unforgettable experience was captured in film and photography by the love team of Wedding Motion and Seri Pat. These moments will always remain a vivid, exciting, and classic memory. Like in a fairy tale.


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