Marriage proposal video Italy

She said yes!

This is a marriage proposal video in Tuscany, at Fattorie di Celli.
To propose during Christmas holidays is one of the most romantic things to do for your bride to be.
I love the cold, winter, and walks in the woods. I love the crackle of dry leaves under my boots, the crunching sound sending shivers up my spine. But with you, hand in hand, it is only your warmth that I feel, Wet grass, dew, and a sea of fog. With the pale sun watching us from afar. Andrew has organized everything, down to the last detail: he has been thinking about it for days and knows he will be able to surprise Fauste. He did not do it all by himself, but he already had in mind how to make her dreams come to life. He relied on us to craft the perfect atmosphere, from the clues, scattered along the way to the final surprise.

Care, patience, attention: the fundamental ingredients of every great love story. Follow the thread, I tell her. Let us retrace our steps together, as if we were starting all over again. She looks at me, surprised and happy. I know, she loves to play, she loves challenges. Let’s play… He nods, and then smiles. We leave together for a long walk of ours, of which she does not yet know the destination. The cobwebs embroidered with icy crystals entangled on the leaves and in the branches of the trees, while Andrew and Fauste follow the thread of memories and letting themselves surrender to the snowstorm of emotion. Then the amazement is drawn on Fauste’s face, and Andrew knows she has done the right thing.

The darkness of the night now embraces them, but their eyes are illuminated by the flashing of a crazy light show. Fauste loves the magic of the holidays, and the colours that, only in this period, seem warmer, more vivid, and passionate. The music pouring out of the music box reminds her of her childhood, the hours lost working and dreaming of unachievable projects. Until suddenly reality becomes more beautiful than any dream. All fairy-tales begin in a wood. Ours will not be an exception. Marry me, I write on the glass that separates us from the rest of the world. Now marry me and let us start our fairy-tale. I kneel and finally utter my marriage proposal to her.

And it does not end there: there is still a secret corner to discover, where scented candles and soft lights welcome the future newlyweds. Who can finally toast to their love, admiring the crystal covered view beyond the windows and, in silent thought, they are already organizing their perfect winter wedding.


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