We can help you to make the best day of your life an immortal memory.
Choose the Italian style.

Hiwe are Wedding Motion, a team of Italian professionals based in Umbria, Italy.
We was born and grown up surrounded by the beautiful Italian nature, historical buildings in an atmosphere full of history, art and beauty. Moreover, Umbria is called “the green heart of Italy”: its landscapes are breath-taking. Our little region is placed in the heart of Italy, right in the centre of it.

It’s a perfect place to live because we’re not so far from any other Italian region. We can easily travel to Tuscany and Rome, but in the meantime we’re not so far from Sorrento, Amalfi, Apulia or Venice. Capturing romantic destination weddings is our passion, no matter where all around the world at least that you give us the possibility to get inspired by your personalities to tell your unique story.

Few words about our style

Our purpose is to give you back the emotions you had on your wedding day each time you watch your film: we want to create unforgettable memories.
We want our films to be unique, intimate and personalized on you. Actually, we believe that telling a wedding love story is together a hard but exciting work to do and we can’t sum up our style with only one word or only one style of shooting. Sometimes we mix together unposed shots and candids with some artistic scenes.


How do we build our wedding films?



The first thing we keep in mind during a destination wedding in Italy is that getting married in Italy is a fairy-tale; our Country is the land of Love, one of the most enchanting destinations for a special wedding. We perfectly know that and our goal is to get you back to Italy every time you watch the film. If you’re looking for a team of videographers on your wedding day who are not just a service providers but feel familiar like wedding guests; if you hope that they’ll give you suggestions and help you during the day; if you love, as we do, natural light and candid & real videos, then we are the right team for you. We can’t deny we’ve never asked to our couples to pose for us in extremely inspiring situations, or if we have in mind some shots to take to tell in the best way your story. But above all, we don’t want to be noticed by you or your guests. We mostly focus both on the couple and on guests; when possible, we love working from a distance and capturing the emotion between you and your families and friends. If possible, we’d like to document the whole wedding day, from the beginning with the bride and groom getting ready to the wedding party. In this way you’ll have a complete coverage of one of the most beautiful days of your lives. Being with you during the entire day gives us the opportunity to enhance the venue and the nature around it, together with details and receptions decors. Last but not least, we are all native Italian speakers and we can speak good English. It will be a pleasure, for us, to help out with translations if you need it. In the meantime it will be easy for us to have some little conversations with your guests and being friendly with all of them.


What’s next?



If you like our style and previous works and you’re ready to book us for your wedding day, we’ll prepare a legal contract to sign. As soon as the booking is complete, let’s get started! We can work together to reach the best results. We’d love to meet you in person if there’ll be the opportunity before your wedding day, if you text us when you’ll be in Italy to visit the venue. Anyway we can manage with a videochat in which you can ask all the questions you may want to ask.

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