We can help you to make the best day of your life an immortal memory.
Choose the Italian style.

Awedding in Italy is a fairytale and it is not simple telling it: you can feel emotions but you can not capture them. Only pictures can set a moment of happiness forever, through a photo album or, better yet, a video.
We at WeddingMotion seize the most beautiful moments, enhancing the spontaneity and joy of all the protagonists of being there, at that moment.

Our style is empathic and direct. We make intimate and spontaneous wedding reportage in which we try to seize the soul of the bride and groom, celebrating love, nature, and life.
Our team will build with you the film of your marriage, following with discretion every moment of the day, from the preparations of the bride and groom to the end of the reception.

Wedding in Italy

WeddingMotion team, thanks to ongoing equipment upgrades, shooting and editing techniques, guarantees a reportage of your authentic and original marriage.

Destination Wedding Umbria

Each reportage has its own identity. Every video becomes a unique product. WeddingMotion assures you of attention and sensitivity in every shooting and editing of your wedding video.

Maserati Wedding Car Italy

Thanks to its decade of experience, WeddingMotion will be a reliable partner for your wedding day. Your memories will be safe from the wise hands of all our staff.

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.